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Become A Certified Capture Manager: Class 1 of 15 Weeks

  • 26 Jan 2023
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Online


  • This is not official enrollment into the CCM class. To officially enroll http://www.CaptureManagement.org
  • This is not official enrollment into the CCM class. To officially enroll http://www.CaptureManagement.org
  • This is not official enrollment into the CCM class. To officially enroll http://www.CaptureManagement.org

Registration is closed

Become A Certified Capture Manager

Learn To Win Government Contracts.

(Class One)

Official Enrollment: www.CaptureManagement.org


Come join us weekly as we train and prepare you to capture government contracts.

These sessions are designed to prepare those enrolled in the Certified Capture Manager (CCM) Program to pass the CCM Exam and to become certified professionals.

Also, these classes are open to all GCA members, partner members and the public. You're welcome to attend and audit the classes with the CCM students.

Join the official CCM program when you're ready to receive all the course material and software.

Learn more or enroll in the CCM Program: https://www.capturemanagement.org

When:      Thursday, January 26, 2023

Where:    Online (Remote access will be emailed to confirmed registrants)

Time:       6pm-8pm EST/ 3pm-5pm PST


  • CCM students-all access
  • GCA members can attend class-all access (This is not official enrollment into the CCM class. To officially enroll http://www.CaptureManagement.org)
  • Guests/Non-Members: $50.00 per class (This is not official enrollment into the CCM class. To officially enroll http://www.CaptureManagement.org )

Not yet a member, Join Here: https://www.govassociationnw.org/join


Discover the 5-P’s Success Formula and 12 Step Methodology

  1. What is Capture Management
  2. Why your current commercial sales model will fail you in the government market
  3. What is the difference between Business Development and Capture Management
  4. How to develop a winning capture management process
  5. What is the Certified Capture Manager (CCM) Program
  6. Learn how to speak Governese, the language of public procurement
  7. Discover the 5 P's Success Formula: P+P+P+P = P
  8. Learn the 12 Step Methodology to unlocking government contracts
  9. What are the best government contracting tools, software and resources to use
  10. How to get you or your BD or sales person certified as a capture manager
  11. What are the benefits of being a Certified Capture Manager
  12. How to enroll in the CCM Program

We cover a new topic each session. We will guide you through our 12 Steps to Winning Government Contract Methodology.

1) ASSESSMENT: Do you have resources? finances, credit, hr/strong staff, talents, mobilization capital

2) STRATEGY: Do you have a strategic plan? short/long term, jv, teaming, mentor protégé, sub, prime

3) EDUCATION: Do you speak governese? Understand contracting language, regulations, policies, standards, etc

4) REGISTRATION: How to get registered for opportunities. What certifications will you need, etc.

5) IMAGE: How's your brand? strong, recognizable, broad, reputation, past performance

6) MARKETING: Capability statement, biz card, website, marketing collateral, brand that speaks to gov't buyers?

7) RELATIONSHIP: Do you have the proper types of relationships in the gov't market. Triangle of relationships

8) OPPORTUNITY: Do you know where to find oppty’s, FBO, bid match, past awards, prospecting, etc?

9) PROPOSAL: Can you write proposals? Can you learn or hire one? technical experts, estimators

10) PERFORMANCE: Can you deliver and perform or do you need subs?

11) COMPLIANCE: Are you DCAA compliant? accounting system, cyber ready, QA program, insurance, bonding?

12) CLOSURE: Successful completion of project? Proper close out? Paid yet? ACO happy?

Who Should Attend:

  1. Sales professionals
  2. CEO, Executives and key decision makers of companies
  3. Entrepreneurs and small business owners
  4. Business Development Managers
  5. Consultants looking to grow professionally
  6. Capture managers looking to gain a competitive edge
  7. Contracting professionals and government employees
  8. All members of Government Contractors Association
  9. Primes, subcontractors, & potential teaming partners
  10. New & existing business owners interested in expanding into the government market

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