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  • 12 Jan 2023
  • 8:00 AM - 10:30 AM
  • Online

REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/in-depth-analysis-of-cdc-fy-2022-procurement-data-tickets-479893132277


Take a deep-dive into CDC awards in FY2022 and gain powerful insight into what the data means to contractors targeting CDC in FY2023

The data has been complied, organized, sliced and diced in a meaningful way to understand and strategize for FY2023. The presentation will save you hundreds of hours of time researching this otherwise publicly available data.

What conclusions does the CDC FY 2022 award data provide looking forward to FY2023? This question will be answered with this presentation! You wont want to miss this event!

I n addition to over 80 PowerPoint slides packed with information, attendees will receive:

  • CDC award data for every contract in FY 2022 including data on every CDC contracting branch and team, down to the contracting officer. This data has never been previously compiled. We have amazing information to share that you won't find anywhere, including Bloomberg, GOVWIN and even the CMS Industry Day event last week.
  • CDC award data for every CDC contract over the past five years
  • CDC 8(a) sole source contracts expiring in the next 9 months and the 8(a) exit dates of the 8(a) company. 168 contracts are listed along with the last CDC contracting official of record.
  • All contracts expiring in FY 2023 (January - September)

Meaningful insights from FY2022 contract award data including:

  • Contractor awards and obligations of all CDC IDIQ awards;
  • Buying patterns of all CDC’s Office of Acquisition Services (OAS), down to individual Contracting Officers;
  • CDC use of GSA, IDIQ, and Full and Open Acquisitions broken out in many ways;
  • Look at CDC winning contractors of FY2022;
  • Which contract vehicles had the most competition and what analysis can be derived ?
  • Which IDIQ and GSA vehicles were used the most and what is the conclusion for the future?
  • Which contracting vehicles and OAS Branches and Contracting Officers awarded the most 8a and tribal 8a contracts

Data will be presented in a realistic and meaningful approach. You will better understand how CDC functions on the inside by the data that is presented.

Attendees will receive at over 80 slides and the excel spreadsheet(s) from which the data is presented.

As a bonus, attendees will also receive a spreadsheets of CDC’s expiring FY2023 contracts.

Any government employees that would like to attend, please contact Brian Hebbel at brian@barcba.com or 410 419 4627 for registration.

Cost: $399 per person, of which $50 per person will be given back to NCMA to support their fund raising and scholarship activities.

REGISTRATION: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/in-depth-analysis-of-cdc-fy-2022-procurement-data-tickets-479893132277

When: January 12, 2023, 11:00am – 1:30pm EST

Additional Information: Edward Schultz, (706) 362-6663, ed@edsfedconsulting.com


Brian Hebbel, (410) 419-4627, brian@barcba.com

The Presenters:

Edward Schultz is a federal procurement expert and consultant with a strong passion for serving and supporting the small business community and helping companies grow and prosper. After over 33 of federal service in a variety of acquisition related positions, Edward retired in January 2017. He held Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer positions with United States Air Force at Robins Air Force Base, NASA at the Kennedy Space Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Having worked the last 25 years of his career at CDC, Edward served in a variety of acquisition related positions such as Senior Procurement Analyst, Supervisory Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer, Deputy Director for the Procurement and Grants Office and Associate Director for Competitive Sourcing (aka OMB Circular A-76).

Edward started EdS Fedconsulting, LLC in January 2017 with a focus on providing consulting services in areas such as: capture strategies and assessment; market research analysis; business diversification analysis; contract portfolio assessments; proposal strategies and reviews; negotiation strategies and support; acquisition support and related activities; and networking and corporate introductions.

Brian Hebbel is a federal procurement expert, consultant, author, trainer. Throughout his 38 years of Government contracting expertise, he has provided expert advise and guidance to Government officials and contractors alike.

He has 34 years of federal contracting experience. He was a Senior Acquisition Official (Group Director) at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Office of Acquisition and Grand Management. He provided oversight to three contracting divisions awarding $1.5 billion in contract awards in FY2017.

He is also the author of ‘How to Market and Sell to the U.S. Government, A view from the Inside” Teaming with former colleagues, he has trained over 3,500 individuals over the last 2 years with his unique “Inside Government Perspective” training. In FY2022 and FY2023 he is providing training to the CMS Acquisition Workforce with the the following two courses:

  • A Simulated Technical Evaluation Training Exercise;
  • CPARS Training

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