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Atlanta Black Chamber & GCA Partnership

21 Apr 2022 3:44 PM | Anonymous

The Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce (ABC) Empowering Small Businesses with Melvin Coleman & Abraham Xiong, hosted by Crystal Spellman.

In this episode: The ABC’s of Empowering Small Businesses with Melvin Coleman

Governese Webcast:

Where you learn how to speak governese or the language of winning government contracts.

Co-Hosted by: Abraham Xiong and Crystal Spellman

What’s in this episode:

In times of uncertainty, entrepreneurs and small business owners must innovate. They have to think out of the box. In the era of the corona virus pandemic, Melvin Coleman of the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) shares how their members are evolving and finding new ways to thrive. We explore how ABC has been a champion for small businesses.

Here’s what you will learn from this episode:

- How small businesses are thinking out of the box during the pandemic

- Networking and easing back into a new normal

- Getting your business in the "spot-light" with ABC

- Grow and thrive or become complacent and die as a business

- Expanding globally and taking your business internationally

- The value of being part of a community like the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC)

- What ABC is doing to expand and grow as a community-based organization

- The benefits of joining a chamber or association

How to reach out to the Atlanta Black Chambers:

Melvin M. Coleman, MBA

Essential Wealth Management - Founder

Atlanta Black Chambers - Executive Director

384 Northyards Blvd N.W.

Bldg. 100

Atlanta, GA 30313

Office 877-964-6222 ext. 101

Cell 678-548-5242


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