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  • 02 Aug 2022 10:39 AM | Anonymous

    Governese EP-15: How Lisa convinced her employer to set her up with a business selling their products


    In this episode, Lisa shares how she talked her employer into investing in her by giving her a dealership with their brand.
    - How Lisa became the first woman and minority dealership for Kimball Office Furniture
    - Her journey in moving from New York to Georgia
    - How she scaled her business from 1 person to a team of people
    - How she started with LA Reed a as sales professional
    - How she got her first contract with IHG Crown Plaza
    - Subcontracting with a general contractor on a Microsoft project
    - How she partner with other furniture dealers
    - Getting her business 8a certified
    - Building past performance
    - How she established a line of credit
    - Managing cashflow
    - Creating wellness in the office space


    - Life is a journey
    - Become a connector by networking
    - Relationships lead to new opportunities
    - You're constantly selling yourself
    - Follow the flow of money and look for opportunities that fits your offerings
    - Get your finances together
    - Delegate and let go
    - Learn to wear all the hats in your business
    - Then do what your great at
    - Bring in a consultant to handle the specifics
    - You don't need the whole pie, just a piece of it

  • 19 Jul 2022 9:00 AM | Anonymous



    Governese EP-14: Building a Mission Driven Government Contracting Business interview with Keith Scott





    In this episode, Keith Scott shares how he focused on building a business that is mission driven.

    - Starting out by reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

    - How he started his first business

    - His experience working for large organization like Deloitte

    - Tips on using your job as a learning experience to being your own boss

    - Establishing a personal morale

    - Offering support for diversity and inclusion

    - Being a voice for Social Equity

    - Being a voice for Workforce Equity

    - Being a voice for Health Equity

    - Being a voice for Environmental Equity

    - Being a voice for Economic Equity

    - Being a voice for Digital Equity

    - His favorite quote: We are the ones that we have been waiting for"

    - Everyone need a financial partner

    TIPS from Keith Scott:

    - Keep a database of teaming partners

    - Keep your capability statement current

    - Focus on one area at a time

    - Read books - eMyth

    - Be open to subcontracting with other business

    - Network and build relationships

    - Use referrals to help your business




    Automate your government marketing:http://www.govgenie.com 

    Get your FREE QuickStart Kit:http://www.govcademy.com 

    More training videos:http://www.GovTrainingVault.com 

    Attend an upcoming training event:http://www.govevent.com 

    Don’t miss another one of our YouTube Videos:https://bit.ly/2DGSx46 



    GCA YT Channel:https://bit.ly/2HFCvv9 

    Governese YT Channel:https://bit.ly/3shkabQ 

    Become part of the GCA family:https://govassociation.org/join 

  • 11 Jun 2022 10:41 AM | Anonymous

    "Follow the money" is a catchphrase popularized by the 1976 docudrama film All the President's Men, which suggests political corruption can be brought to light by examining money transfers between parties.

    While the term was popularized in the 1970’s, the premise behind the statement has been around for a century. In Latin, the term Cui bono? means "to whom is it a benefit?"

    The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (FFATA) was signed into law on September 26, 2006. The legislation required that federal contract, grant, loan, and other financial assistance awards of more than $25,000 be displayed on a publicly accessible and searchable website to give the American public access to information on how their tax dollars are being spent. In 2008, FFATA was amended by the Government Funding Transparency Act, which required prime recipients to report details on their first-tier sub-recipients for awards made as of October 1, 2010.

    The Department of the Treasury (Treasury)—which runs the site—has taken steps to provide transparent information and foster accountability to the public on government spending. In 2014 the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of (DATA Act), was signed and Booz Allen Hamilton, teaming with Kearney & Company, was brought on to build a new USASpending.gov site designed to give Americans a clearer understanding of how their tax dollars are spent.

    As of fall 2018, there were more than one hundred million records, including contracts, grants, and other types of spending in our database. Yet in survey of four thousand federal managers, 92% said they had not heard of USASpending.gov

    The website enables searching of federal awards from FY2008 to the present. Data is uploaded directly from more than a hundred federal agencies' financial systems. Data is also pulled or derived from other government systems. For example, contract award data is pulled into USASpending.gov daily from the Federal Procurement Data System Next Generation (FPDS-NG), which is the system of record for federal procurement data; Financial Assistance award data is loaded in from the Financial Assistance Broker Submission system (FABS). In the end, more than four hundred points of data are collected.


    Every agency has a Senior Accountable Official who must officially certify that the quarterly financial data submitted by their agency is accurate and complete. The agency's data is published on USASpending.gov only after it has been certified.

    At this point you may be asking, “who cares?” If you have a desire to win governments, the answer is YOU!

    There are several ways to use USASpending.gov to help grow your government contracting business, here are just a few:

    • Search by NAICS code to determine which agencies spend the most money in your industry.
    • Search by NAICS code for which prime contractors are winning contracts in your industry.
    • Search by Type of Set-Aside to learn which set-aside contracts have been awarded.
    • Search by PSC Codes to narrow the spending to specific areas of a NAICS code.
    • Search by location of contracts, especially of your business is location dependent.
    • Search who is winning disaster emergency funds contracts.
    • Search for awards using Simplified Acquisition Procedure to find agencies who prefer this vehicle.

    When you start combining these searches you have a nearly unlimited number of searches you can use to help grow your government contracting business.

    When was the last time you visited USASpending.gov?

  • 21 Apr 2022 3:44 PM | Anonymous

    The Atlanta Black Chamber of Commerce (ABC) Empowering Small Businesses with Melvin Coleman & Abraham Xiong, hosted by Crystal Spellman.

    In this episode: The ABC’s of Empowering Small Businesses with Melvin Coleman

    Governese Webcast:

    Where you learn how to speak governese or the language of winning government contracts.

    Co-Hosted by: Abraham Xiong and Crystal Spellman

    What’s in this episode:

    In times of uncertainty, entrepreneurs and small business owners must innovate. They have to think out of the box. In the era of the corona virus pandemic, Melvin Coleman of the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC) shares how their members are evolving and finding new ways to thrive. We explore how ABC has been a champion for small businesses.

    Here’s what you will learn from this episode:

    - How small businesses are thinking out of the box during the pandemic

    - Networking and easing back into a new normal

    - Getting your business in the "spot-light" with ABC

    - Grow and thrive or become complacent and die as a business

    - Expanding globally and taking your business internationally

    - The value of being part of a community like the Atlanta Black Chambers (ABC)

    - What ABC is doing to expand and grow as a community-based organization

    - The benefits of joining a chamber or association

    How to reach out to the Atlanta Black Chambers:

    Melvin M. Coleman, MBA

    Essential Wealth Management - Founder

    Atlanta Black Chambers - Executive Director

    384 Northyards Blvd N.W.

    Bldg. 100

    Atlanta, GA 30313

    Office 877-964-6222 ext. 101

    Cell 678-548-5242


  • 16 Mar 2022 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    Hello GCA Members,

    I wanted to let you know that its official! 

    In November 2021, GCA reached and surpassed a milestone helping our members and clients win over $1 Billion in government contracts! 

    Through the GCA strategy or P+P+P+P=P and helping our clients master the 12 Step process and build relationships has been the key to their success. On our site you can see several testimonials to give you some insight about the GCA process & you can see their success. 

    What's New & What's Coming to GCA in 2021

    www.GovGenie.com - Business platform to receive opportunities, quickly identify Go/No-Go solicitations for your business, monitor competitors & manage proposal & contract opportunities.

    www.GovMediaMarketing.com - This will be an all inclusive service which includes specific government marketing strategies to continuously win contracts. Support services Capability Statements, Websites, Videos, Coaching & More... Guidance & help conquering sales in your local market as well...

    Membership in the GCA Northwest Chapter is available at the Founding member rate of $249 per year until the founding membership level has been reached.  



  • 24 Oct 2021 5:10 PM | Kenn Rivers (Administrator)











    Capability Videos start at $299 for GCA Members

    In the last few years, the mobile shift has changed the entry point of how people engage information. Today, more people view information from their smart phone or tablets than from a computer or laptop.

    As such, the old way of sending a capability statement to contracting officers is simply not enough anymore. You have to incorporate video into your marketing. Nowadays, you need to create Capability Videos so that your audience can better access information about your brand.


    Capability Statement has been the old way to communicate your capacity to support agencies in the past. Today and moving forward, Capability videos may soon become the preferred choice for communicating with government buyers.

    Without this method, you may be missing out on one of the more effective way of communicating your company’s capabilities to government buyers.

    Videos Start at $299 for GCA Members www.CapabilityVideos.com

  • 04 Aug 2021 11:12 AM | Kenn Rivers (Administrator)

    All businesses need capital to succeed and there are many sources for business funding. Traditionally, businesses owners turn to banks which are great sources of capital if you meet their requirements and restrictions. Unfortunately, banks seem to favor businesses that do not need money, which is good to know. The best time to develop your banking relationships is when you do not need funding and before you have an emergent need.

    JOIN CFO Richard Brooks, GCA to learn more 8 Sep 2021

    Virtual Lunch & Learn 


    Many business owners self-fund their businesses with savings and credit cards. Some use retirement savings betting on themselves but possibly putting their retirement in jeopardy. Oftentimes a business owner may have their personal and business finances so intertwined that, if their business experiences any financial difficulty, their personal credit begins to suffer. It then becomes difficult for them to get mortgages and personal car loans.

    There are other funding sources, but they can all present challenges for a business owner.

    Funding Source

    • Banks
    • Credit Cards
    • Personal Loan
    • Factoring/Receivables Financing
    • Friends/Family
    • Hard Money


    • Traditional (tough to get funding)
    • Limited usage
    • Needs strong credit score
    • Only available after invoiced
    • Can lose their relationships
    • Requires hard assets for collateral

    When it comes to contracting, many subcontractors could become prime contractors with the right funding support behind them. Many contractors could pursue more contracts if they had the money to get new contracts started. With this in mind, GovBridge Capital, Inc (GBC) was started to offer Mobilization Funding, a funding solution customized for government contractors.

    Mobilization Funding is early stage funding for the startup of you contract. GBC’s Mobilization Funding can be used for project specific payroll, supplies, travel, insurance and other project related expenses. The funding is short-term and is intended to help the contractor get started and stabilized until project payments can sustain the ongoing effort. Each loan is customized to fit the needs of the contractor.

  • 23 Jul 2021 9:45 AM | Kenn Rivers (Administrator)

    “CONGRATULATIONS to Annette Washington” who just received a $5,000 Scholarship to attend our Certified Capture Managers Course https://www.capturemanagement.org this course teaches you everything from A-Z about bidding & winning business in the Government Marketplace. This course also includes our proprietary Govfast Track Software to help walk you through the process…

    I want to thank those that attended training last night we had several new attendees from Eventbrite and watched one of our members receive a local Government Contractors Association Myra Cisse Memorial Training Scholarship.

    Annette is an Army Veteran and business owner who has been an entrepreneur for over a decade. Annette’s business is “AG Washington Web” which is a full service Integrated Digital Marketing Company located in Renton, WA. I really look forward to helping Annette understand the process of winning contracts in the Government Market.

    Please visit AG Washington Web https://Iybs-local.com for ALL your Digital Marketing or Website development needs.

    In February or March 2022 timeframe we will have another Memorial Scholarship Give-away for the next Certified Capture Managers Course, if you would like to know more and start the application process, please contact Brenna Johnson GCA-NW Member Services.

    You could be our next Myra Cisse Training Scholarship Winner!

    Kenn Rivers
    GovAssociation NW
    Member Services

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  • 15 Jul 2021 11:52 AM | Anonymous

    A new IBM (NYSE: IBM) study says government information technology leaders said they expect agencies to make cybersecurity spending a priority for fiscal year 2022 amid the recent cyberattacks.

    IBM said Thursday it commissioned Morning Consult to survey more than 500 current and former U.S. government IT decision makers in June and found that more than 75 percent of respondents said moving data to the cloud is a challenge.

    Nearly 70 percent of respondents said they consider security risks as the top barrier to cloud migration. The survey also showed that security outweighs cost reduction by nearly twofold as the reason for advancing IT modernization.

    “With the President’s executive orders, the U.S. Federal market is facing a massive transformation to its cybersecurity strategy which requires a great deal of technological modernization. While this is a priority for government IT decisions makers, our survey found that they view security as both a driver and barrier to modernization,” said Howard Boville, head of IBM Cloud Platform.

    The Government Index for IT Modernization report showed that between 64 percent and 82 percent of respondents said they believe their current or former agencies are somewhat or very prepared for ransomware and other cyberattacks. However, over 40 percent of IT decision makers said they think agencies will need at least three years to comply with the president’s executive order on encryption and zero trust.

    The survey also found that 46 percent of respondents said they consider security as a primary concern that restricts them from working with third-party vendors.

    Fifty percent of government IT leaders said their agencies are using a combination of security tools for cloud and on-premise threats.

    “Enterprise technology providers are stewards of massive volumes of personal data, and we need to do our utmost to protect this data. A public and private sector partnership that adopts an open and secured hybrid cloud architecture with sophisticated security capabilities can help agencies ensure that data truly remains theirs, even in a multi-cloud environment,” Boville added...

  • 09 Jul 2021 3:39 PM | Kenn Rivers (Administrator)

    How Would You Like The Government as Your #1 Customer?

    "GCA Members get a 50% Discount on this phenomenal video course"


    FACT: Let's face it, the government has money! Starting now, the government is increasing contract opportunities with small businesses to help stimulate the economy in the midst of COVID-19 recovery, regardless of administration this will extend for the next few years! - "Are You Ready?"

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