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Prior to starting the Government Business Incubator, we've worked with multiple companies in training them and equipping them for success in the government market. These classes laid the foundation for what is now the Government Business Incubator. 

Many of the companies have seen great results for their businesses. In fact, for some of them, it has changed their lives with new found revenues from the government sector.

Here’s what some of them are saying about their experiences…


Results may vary. The following are testimonials from companies who have invested their time, money and energy to grow their businesses in the government market. Their successes are unique to their efforts and specific circumstances.

Government Business Incubator, its representatives, employees, staff, affiliates and partners make no claim that your company will see the same results. We make no guarantees or promises of contract wins or specific achievements. We do not have the authority to award contracts and make no such claims.

Facility Management 

Barbara from Atlanta has won multiple contracts after working with our experts. One lead to a contract worth over $400,000 in the federal market.

Financial Services

Tina won a 3 year contract in Chicago as a subcontractor and provided staffing services. Don't let your geographical location limit your opportunities...

Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Carlos, learned proven strategies at our workshop that lead to a successful single contract along with several smaller contracts.

Bonita Global/Diane's Call

“Since I live in South Carolina, I started the training program virtually through web meetings. In less than 4 months I was able to win a contract for $24,500. Just a few days ago, I won a second project for $229,000.” 

     - Bonita C., President - Bonita Global, Inc.

Visionary Services

“My company was able to grow because of the GCA team. They helped me build my business infrastructure, (from website development to contract management.) Recently, I won a  $3.1 million dollar contract.” 

     - Tasha R., President - Visionary Services, Inc.

Frasier Transport

“Frasier Transport has been in operations for many years. When we were ready to explore the government market to see how we can get started, we found the coaching program from GCA. We enrolled in the program and after a few months, we won a small delivery project for $4600. It was a good start. We're excited to keep moving forward.” 

     - Adam A., Government Programs - Frasier Transport, Inc.


“I retired as an educator and then started my tutoring business with GCA’s help. It took me 13 months to build my company, but sure enough, I was able to win my first tutoring contract of $25,000 with Dekalb County School System.”

     - Barbara C., President - Amyra, LLC


“I have been trying to win government contracts for many years on my own with no success. Then a friend introduced me to GCA and their training program. Within 3 months, our company won two contracts. One for $260,000 and a second for $350,000” 

     - Gloria M., President - Bosco Contracting Group, LLC


“I was able to get my 8(a) Certification approved in less than 3 months from the date of submission. This allowed me to find a prime partner who subcontracted over 27 projects to my company. I also just won a sole source contract for $300,000.” 

     - Bukie O., President - Modavate, Inc.

Spellman Consulting

“It is so refreshing to work with a professional and knowledgeable team. I have received the most amazing support and resources to assist my business. With their guidance, I won my first contract for $60,000.” 

     - Crystal S., President - Spellman Consulting Group, LLC.



20 February 2020

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