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In April 2021, there were 46 Consulting Firms in Tacoma, WA. reviewed by “Expertise” an Independent Business Advisory Service, and GovAssociation NW was selected among the top 4 Consulting Services in Tacoma, WA. => SEE RATING | SEE RATING

GovAssociation NW

Welcome to Government Contractors Association NW

OUR WHY: The small business community is greatly disadvantaged in the government contracting market. 99.7% of all US companies are defined as small sized by the SBA. Yet, only 22% of federal contracting dollars are awarded to these organizations. The disparities for women, minorities, veterans, and other such business owners are enormous. Our goal is to be an agent of change by helping companies to get their fair share of the opportunities in the government market. 

Government Contractors Association, Inc. (GCA) is a national trade association comprised of commercial contractors (small & large companies) and government agencies (federal agencies, state agencies, local agencies, gov't staff, universities, non-profits, etc.). 

1120 Pacific Ave. Tacoma WA. 98402

(253) 753-1758

VISION: To create access.  Our Vision is to open doors for commercial companies into the government market and to support government agencies in accessing qualified contractors.

We Are On A MISSION: To educate, facilitate and advocate for our membership base by becoming the premier government contracting association with these three pillars:

Educate: We are a training institution with educational curriculum, resources and certification training.  We provide the following resources:

  • Certified Contract Management Course (CCM™): Business Development Specialist in the government market.
  • Certified Federal Contracting Professional (CFCP™):  Create industry standards by training certified professionals.
  • Seminars & Training: Courses to equip our members.
  • E-Learning and Webinars: Online and distance learning tools.

Facilitate: We will foster networking groups, alliance groups, teaming opportunities, joint venture formations, mentor protégé relationships, and contracting relationships between the private and public sectors.  We will do this through social media, monthly meetings, annual conferences and networking functions. 

Advocate: We will promote, inform and lobby for supportive legislature to enhance and open doors for greater opportunities, transparencies, and accountability for our members.


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